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Reddit LogoReddit, like similar social media news sites, is a portalIf the post links to an article published elsewhere, cite that article as your source.

Reddit LogoReddit is also a forumIf you want to cite a comment thread attached to a Reddit post, you'll treat the Reddit post as you would any listserv, forum, discussion group or blog posting.

You'll need to include:

  • author (most likely, the username)
  • Title of post: Comments (what did the poster title the post)
  • Website (in this case, Reddit)
  • Publisher (Reddit, Inc.)
  • Date of post (if available)
  • Medium of publication (Web)
  • Date of access


Hammertime. “What's your counterpoint to the 'we don't need libraries anymore' argument: Comments” Reddit. Reddit, Inc. Web. 2016 May 16.


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