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This inversion of rows and columns is accomplished using the TRANSPOSE function.  Follow these steps.

  1. Determine the range of cells you'd like to compose.  This will be the cell ID for the data cell in the upper right corner of your data to the lower left data cell of your data set.  (For example:  A1 and G9).
  2. In a blank cell below the data set on your spreadsheet, type the formula =TRANSPOSE (A1:G9)
  3. Press enter and the data will be transposed below your original data, beginning in the cell you typed your formula in.   

    NOTE:  You'll notice that as soon as you enter the = sign, Google spreadsheet will begin to suggest formulas.  When you get to the first parenthasis, you can simple drag your mouse over the cells you'd like to include, then press enter.  Here's a great video tutorial of this process:  

IMPORTANT:  You will not be able to delete the original data, as it is used in the formula.  If you'd like to have a clean data set to look at, simply

    • Highlight your new, inverted data set.
    • Copy (CNTL+V is you don't have Google Drive loaded to your computer)
    • Open a new spreadsheet and select top, left cell.
    • EDIT-->Paste Special-->Paste values only.

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