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  1. Your computer is running for a long time without rebooting.  
    SOLUTION:  Be sure to restart your computer at least once a week while a school so that it can grab updates to software and virus protection.
  2. Your hard drive is too full.  Your computer uses space on the hard drive to "swap" files and run more efficiently. 
    SOLUTION:  Keep at least 20% of your hard drive free.  Store unused or old files on a USB External Flash drive.
  3. You are running too many background programs.  
    SOLUTION:  Be sure to quit programs you aren't using rather than simply minimizing them.
  4. Corrupted files, viruses, and other technical problems.
    SOLUTION:  If you don't have the needed troubleshooting skills, take your computer to a COMPUTER TECHNICIAN.  They can run diagnostic tests to identify these problems and solve many of them for you.  If your computer is owned by MGSD, bring it in and we'll have one of our technicians troubleshoot it for you.

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